The toolroom of “Antic Kosta” d.o.o. is currently one of the most equipped and modern toolrooms in Serbia. We have a machine park with which we can respond to all the demands and challenges posed by the production of tools and accessories, the machining of metals and other materials.

Our team is a combination of young, educated and older, experienced personnel with many years of experience. We strive to keep pace with world trends in our field by permanent training of employees in the country and abroad.

The work process is based on the use of the latest versions of CAD/CAM software. We use SolidWorks for construction and technical documentation, and SolidCAM, which is currently the leader in the field of CAM, for CNC machine programming.

Decades of experience in the manufacture of tools and accessories, the manufacture of machine parts and assemblies, subassemblies both for our production and for the needs of other companies, and compliance with set deadlines make our tool shop the right choice for you.