The initial stage in the realization of the final product, and at the request of the market, is the process of designing and making a product model on the computer in our own project office.

After the adopted product design, the phase of constructing the tools and auxiliary equipment necessary for the realization of the product follows.

The design, construction and engineering of technology are carried out in the latest versions of CAD/CAM programs, and tool making is done in a modern tool room equipped with CNC machines, which maximally shortens the time between the customer’s request and the placement of the product on the market.

The basis of the technological process in production is the processing of sheet metal by plastic deformation, namely: punching, cutting, bending, deep drawing and drawing.

The company achieved exceptional results primarily in the field of deep drawing for the production of pike, both classic and boiler, which made it possible for pike with the best built-in characteristics to appear on the market.

We own a large number of eccentric and hydraulic presses, which enables serial production and supply of the market with a specific product at any time.

Products made of high-quality sheet metal for deep drawing are surface protected by the galvanizing process in our own plant for surface protection. The thickness of the protective layer is 12±2 µm and is strictly controlled according to the sample principle.

The basic raw material for obtaining the final product is a low-carbon sheet with a thickness of 0.4-1 mm and a prochromic sheet with a thickness of 0.4, 0.5 and 0.6 mm. Prochrome sheet, which is procured from leading Western European manufacturers, is a raw material for the production of ventilation grills, sinks and bathtub doors and is characterized by exceptional chemical stability and resistance to corrosion.

Special emphasis should be placed on the exceptional design of the ventilation grills and gutters, which gives the interior an aesthetic refinement.

All production is subject to strict quality control, starting with raw materials and raw materials, and ending with the delivery of the final product.